MAM Personalized Pacifier (Air Pink) 0-6
MAM Personalized Pacifier (Air Pink) 0-6

MAM Personalized Pacifier (Air Pink) 0-6


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MAM Personalized Pacifier is engraved with your baby girl’s name or monogram.

100% GUARANTEED not to fade or wash off. 

 4 large air holes to allow air to reach baby's skin.
 Lightweight shield designed for maximum air flow
 Skin stays drier with innovative bumps on shield
 Curved shield for comfortable soothing

Skin-Soft nipple
  94%* of babies accept the MAM Skin-Soft nipple
• Designed by medical experts to feel like mother's breast
 Promotes proper oral development
 Relaxes babies between the ages of 0-6 months old

 Sterilizing in the microwave is safe and easy

Quality assured
 Free of BPA, BPS, Lead
• Made in Europe with high quality materials

Personalized in USA
 100% Guaranteed not to fade or wash off

Too many times a baby pacifier is accidentally swapped at daycare, nursery, play dates, etc... Parents love the peace of mind of a MAM Personalized Pacifier, Aka... Pacidoodle :)


DISCLAIMER: Do not tie pacifier around child's neck. Manufacturer recommends to replace pacifier every four weeks. We reserve the right to decline verbiage that we deem to be inappropriate.